The Best Free and Low Cost Image Editing Apps

If you’re taking photos with a mobile device, you may favor making any edits on the same device. There’s a wide choice of free image apps, but if you haven’t already chosen a favorite, I’m pointing you towards Snapseed. I believe it has an intuitive interface that is easy for anyone to use. I’ll show you a very basic workflow with it in this blog post, but for now, it’s available from the following links.



For those using a camera, if you’ve not already got a favorite editing app, there’s a few options.

On Windows, the easiest way to edit images is using the inbuilt Photos app. This is quite basic, but should handle most needs.

For Mac users, there’s another inbuilt app called Photos, though this is a bit more advanced.

If you want more power and you’re a bit more of an advanced user, I believe the best free choice for all platforms is GIMP ( An odd name for sure, but this is a pretty powerful app considering it’s free. I remember years ago when this was a reasonable alternative to Adobe Photoshop, it even had some features before they came to Photoshop.

Nowadays there’s a big gap between the two apps. That’s only likely to be an issue for power users though, so don’t be put off.

GIMP is great for free, but if you’re prepared to pay for a more rounded product, Affinity Photo ( is about $50 currently and will give a more Photoshop like experience, but for less money than Photoshop Elements, the cut down version of Photoshop for beginners.

Just in case you’re a real power user when it comes to photography, RawTherapee ( ) is a very powerful editing tool for working with RAW files from a camera. It offers a free alternative to Adobe Lightroom on all desktop operating systems. If you’re not a power user, ignore this as it will just be a rabbit hole for you to disappear into when you have better things to do with your time.

There are also various online apps that you could use for image editing without having to install any software, but I think Pixlr X ( is about as easy you can hope for.