Shoestring Hustle

Referral Scheme

The Shoestring Hustle referral scheme is operated to reward users of this site for helping to share our products and services with a wider audience.

Every user registered with this site has their own referral code which can be used in links to any page on Shoestring Hustle. You can find your code in the Referrals section of your My Account pages.

We’ve tried to create a referral scheme that is fair and benefits both you and us, allowing you to earn rewards from both new and existing users of Shoestring Hustle. Please take a few moments to understand how the scheme works. If you have any questions, please drop us a message through the contact page. You understand that by using your referral code, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions on the scheme as laid out here and on our Terms page.

Active campaigns

These are the current active campaigns. As explained below, you don’t have to refer others to these campaign pages, though that may be the best approach in most cases. You can append your referral code to any page URL on this site and your cookie will be saved on the user’s device.

How it works

Our referral system has two parts, designed to reward members for referring new users to our site and also for referring new and existing members to take actions on our site.

Part One

This applies to new users. A new user is someone who has not registered with our site or subscribed to our email list.

When a new user visits our site using a link with your referral code, a cookie is placed on their device that identifies you as the referrer. This cookie has a lifespan of 30 days from the time of the user’s first visit. As long as your cookie is active and there is no Part Two cookie active, any actions that the user takes that are part of an active referral campaign will be assigned to you.

As an example, if a user clicks one of your links that goes direct to an opt-in page that is part of an active campaign, once they opt-in and confirm you will be registered as the referrer. If they then go on to opt-in for an item that is part of another referral campaign, you will be registered as the referrer for that campaign too, as long as your cookie is still active on the user’s device.

Part Two

This applies to existing users. An existing user is someone who is either registered with this site or has subscribed to our email list.

When an existing user visits our site using a link with your referral code, if they complete a campaign action, you’ll be marked as the referrer. Of course, we know that sometimes people don’t act right away. Often they’ll go off to think about it, so we place a one day cookie on their device. If they return within 24 hours and complete the action, you’re the referrer.

In the event that a user clicks another member’s referral link while your one day cookie is active, your cookie will be replaced by the other member’s one day cookie.

If a user has both a Part One cookie and a Part Two cookie, the Part Two cookie will take priority and win the referral.


For opt-in campaigns, actions are not considered completed until the referred user has confirmed their subscription. For example, if a new user visits the opt-in page of an active campaign and opts-in but does not confirm their subscription, the action is not registered to you.


In the event that a user has set their browser to block cookies or they delete their cookies during the lifespan of your cookie, we will be unable to identify you as the referrer and no actions taken by the user will be registered to you.

If a user has JavaScript disabled in their, the referral system is unable to register them to a referrer.

A referral will not be counted until the referred user’s email address has been confirmed. The email address will not be confirmed until the user clicks the subscription confirmation link and visits the confirmation page.


As our products are offered with a 30 day money back guarantee, some rewards may not be available to you until the guarantee period has passed.

False Referrals

The scheme is intended to reward genuine promotional efforts by our community. Please don’t try to game the system by clicking links with your own referral code or by encouraging others to use your referral link and then opt-in to a campaign multiple times using different email addresses. We consider such actions to be false referrals.

When referrals are registered, a number of tests are made to confirm they’re genuine.

Genuine referrals will be processed with no further actions. Referrals that our system picks up on as being suspect may be marked in one of several ways.

  • Invalid
    This applies to referrals that were made from the same device as used by the referrer. If there is a genuine reason for this, please contact us to explain.
  • Flagged and blocked
    Multiple checks indicate a high probability that the referral was made from the same device as used by the referrer or at least one other referral for this campaign came from the same device.
  • Flagged
    One check suggests this may not have been a genuine referral, but the referral has been processed. If multiple referrals are marked this way, it may prevent a reward being processed.

If we have any doubt about the legitimacy of any referral, we may at our own discretion cancel that referral. We also reserve the right to cancel a member’s referral code and remove them from our referral scheme at any time without giving notice. We may cancel access to rewards that we believe may have been awarded as the result of false referrals.

Substitutions & Transfers

We offer no substitutions for any rewards offered through the referral scheme. No cash alternative is available for any reward. No refunds are available in the event you qualify for a reward that you have already purchased.

No rewards can be transferred to other user accounts.

Changes to the Scheme

We reserve the right to update the terms of the referral scheme, suspend or cancel the scheme at any time without prior notice.


Only referrals that are tracked by our system and are considered genuine will count towards the granting of rewards. While we endeavor to ensure our referral system is actively tracking referrals at all times, in the event of any failure on its part, we will be unable to register referrals to your account.