Read Shoestring Hustle online, for free

I’ve poured 19 years of experience and learning into this book to make it a comprehensive source of information on how to operate online with next to no money.

I’ve also spent months writing and preparing the book for launch. It was never my intention to offer all that work for free, but “Bad Ass” Bobbins and Day-Z smashed my crystal ball in a Christmas Day game of fetch down the hallway and I’ve still not replaced it.

Artist’s impression of what the crystal ball fetch game could have (but actually didn’t) look like

Hence all this coronavirus malarkey coming at us right out of left field.

So here’s the deal. If you’re worried right now about where the money is going to come from for family essentials in the near future, I don’t want you to buy the Shoestring Hustle ebook.

Read it for FREE here on this site instead. You can always buy a copy later – that page will also describe some of the content that you’ll have access to if you want to know more first.

What’s the catch?

There is a little catch, though a fair one I believe. I’ve committed a huge amount to Shoestring Hustle. I need to know you’re also prepared to commit to your business, at least in a small way.

Before you can start reading, you need to complete a series of questions.

Questions about your new business.

These are designed to get you thinking about your business in a less abstract way and come up with some important answers to equally important questions that you might not have considered so far.

On the one hand, I admit that this process is designed to stop any fair weather dreamers and freebie thrill seekers from getting access to my book. I guess I’m just a little precious about my baby.

On the other though, it’s designed to help ensure that everyone who does read the book is doing so with at least the bare minimum of planning in place to give them a foundation to success.

Sure it won’t be a full and in-depth business plan, but it will be better than nothing, giving you a document to make you think about some key aspects of your business.

To get access, you’ll first need to click here to register for a free account on this site. Once you’re signed up, just log in and click the Read online link.

And don’t worry about your email address, it’s only used to register. You will get the opportunity to subscribe for emails later, but you’ll only receive site related emails otherwise. For example, if you need to reset your password.