Shoestring VPS (COMING SOON)

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Learn where to purchase and how to configure a budget priced Virtual Private Server (VPS) for your blog, store or web app. Includes the SSL Certificate Install Boffin tool to automatically install your first free SSL certificate.



This lab and the included tools are intended for use with a VPS configured with ServerPilot. The tools and commands generated will not work with VPSs that have been configured differently.

This training is essential for anyone with a blog, online store or web app, such as Mautic. You will learn how you can run your own VPS for just $5pm. You will also learn how to install an automatically maintained web server on your own VPS that will ensure consistent and fast performance for your users.

Most importantly you’ll see how to install a free self-renewing SSL certificate on your VPS. We’ve even included our SSL Certificate Install Boffin tool that will automatically install and configure your first certificate for you if you’re just keen to get started.

An SSL certificate is an essential for today’s internet. Knowing how you can install one for free, that will renew itself is a vital money saving skill. Every performance focused site owner should know about this.

If you’d like to learn more, please check out this page on Virtual Private Servers and SSL certificates.

The Modules

  1. Get Your Linode
  2. Configure Your DNS
  3. Connect ServerPilot to Your Linode
  4. Save Your Infomation
  5. Select Auto or Manual SSL Install
  6. Introduction to SSH
    1. Windows
    2. MacOs/OS X
  7. Install an SSL Certificate
  8. Automatically Renew an SSL Certificate
  9. Troubleshooting: Reboot Your Linode VPS
  10. Troubleshooting:Manually Renew an SSL Certificate
  11. Bonus: Disable Root User Login
  12. Bonus: Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin
  13. Bonus: Register Your Domain Name
  14. Bonus: Transfer Your Domain Name


  • SSL Certificate Install Boffin
    This training includes one free credit to use with the tool so you can get going without following the manual install process if you prefer.


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