Install & Configure Mautic Marketing Automation on Your VPS (COMING SOON)

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With this lab, you’ll learn how to install Mautic marketing automation software onto a VPS configured with ServerPilot. Includes exclusive tools to help you set-up and maintain your Mautic.



This lab and the included tools are intended for use with a VPS configured with ServerPilot. The tools and commands generated will not work with VPSs that have been configured differently.

Mautic is open source software that is going to do for marketing automation what WordPress did for blogging and websites.

While you can download and use Mautic for free, it currently requires some specialist knowledge. For example, you need to be familiar with running command line operations with a remote server over SSH. You also need to be able upload Mautic to the server via SCP or FTP. Or, you can just use our suite of exclusive Boffin tools that come with this lab and will automate the complex parts of the install process

With this lab, you’ll learn all you need to know in order to upload Mautic and get it configured ready for use. This includes configuring and connecting a Sparkpost account that will permit you to send 100,000 emails a month for free. It’s your choice if you use our Boffin tools or manually follow the install steps.

Additionally, our exclusive Boffin tools also include tools to help you maintain, backup and update your Mautic. All you need to do is fill in a short form for each tool and click a button. Running Mautic has never been easier. Check out all the tools down the page.


  1. Configure a ServerPilot App
  2. Configure a Subdomain
  3. Save Your Information
  4. Auto or Manual Upload
  5. Introduction to SSH
    1. Windows
    2. MacOS/OS X
  6. Download & Upload Mautic
    1. Windows
    2. MacOS/OS X
  7. Install Mautic
  8. Configure Sparkpost
  9. Configure Mautic to Send Emails
  10. Configure Crontab
  11. Bonus: Backup
  12. Bonus: Update
  13. Troubleshooting: Purge Cache
  14. Troubleshooting: Fix Database Schema


  • Upload Mautic Boffin (1 x Credit)
  • Configure Mautic Tasks Boffin (1 x Credit)
  • Backup Mautic Boffin (1 x Credit)
  • Restore Mautic Boffin (unlimited use)
  • Update Mautic Boffin (unlimited use)
  • Rollback Mautic Boffin (unlimited use)
  • Reset Mautic Cache Boffin (unlimited use)


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