Marketing Automation with Mautic (COMING SOON)

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Learn how to make full use of Mautic, the open source software that’s going to do for marketing automation what WordPress did for blogging and websites.



Mautic is a super powerful marketing automation system that you can download and use for free. Connected to Elastic Email, you can send up to 150,000 emails a month for free.

It has a wide range of  powerful features. It really can stand favorable comparison with other solutions that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Check out the modules below and you’ll get a feel for the features available. For more in depth information, check out our introduction to Mautic page.

Hosted on a 1GB Linode VPS, you get all of this for just $5 per month.

If you haven’t already got a Mautic installed on a VPS, I strongly recommend you check out two connected labs. Shoestring VPS and Install & Configure Mautic Marketing Automation on Your VPS show even complete beginners how to get things set-up. Both labs also include automated tools that simplify the complex and technical aspects to a button click. They also include some useful tools for managing Mautic on an ongoing basis. We use these ourselves.

For a fantastic cost saving, check out The Complete Mautic Pack.


  1. Configure Your Initial Settings
  2. Your First Landing Page
  3. Landing Page Themes
  4. Segments
  5. Forms
  6. Upload an Asset
  7. Create an Email
  8. Create a Campaign
  9. Add a Form to Your Landing Page
  10. Create a Landing Page with Gated Video
  11. Focus Items
  12. Onboarding Campaign
  13. Points and Points Actions
  14. Points Triggers
  15. Stages
  16. Configure Mautic for Web Notifications
  17. Add a Web Notification
  18. Marketing Messages
  19. Broadcast Emails
  20. Import Contacts into Mautic
  21. Manage Contacts
  22. Companies
  23. Custom Fields
  24. Social Media Integrations
  25. Social Media Integration: Facebook
  26. Social Media Integration: Google+
  27. Social Media Integration: Twitter
  28. Use Social Media Sign In with a Form
  29. Social Monitoring: Twitter
  30. Send Tweets
  31. Configure SMS
  32. Create an SMS Text Message
  33. Dashboard
  34. Reports
  35. Users and Roles
  36. Bonus: WordPress & WPMautic Plugin
  37. Bonus: Add a Form in WordPress
  38. Bonus: Add a Focus Item in WordPress
  39. Bonus: Connect Mautic with a Non-WordPress Site


  • Millie, a simple landing page and form theme, with two step opt-in
  • Herbie, a video landing page and form theme, with two step opt-in


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