Free Email Using Your Domain (COMING SOON)

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Using your own domain name for your business email is essential to be taken seriously. Following this lab, you’ll learn how to get up to 25 email addresses using your domain name, completely free.



Using your own domain email is essential for any business that wants to be taken seriously. However, how can you use your own domain name for email if you haven’t got web hosting or you use hosting that doesn’t include email?

You can use a service like G Suite that will charge you for each account you set up. Alternatively, you could follow this lab and set it all up for free using a free service from Zoho. Not just one email address either. You can set up 25 email addresses, each with a 5GB inbox. All for $0.00 each and every month, saving you $1,500 per year compared to G Suite.

The lab kicks off by showing you how to register a domain name for your business with Namecheap. You’ll be able to use this domain to set up your free email accounts and later for a website if you wish.

To connect your domain to Zoho, you will have to edit a few DNS settings. If that whizzed straight over your head, don’t worry as it’s not complex. You will usually be able to edit DNS settings in your account with the domain registrar that you bought your domain name from. It’s just a case of copying text from one page and pasting it into a form on another.

If your domain is registered with Namecheap, we’ll show you step by step how to configure the DNS in your Namecheap account.

If you’ve followed our Shoestring VPS training and are using Linode to manage your DNS settings, you’ll also find full step by step instructions on configuring DNS in your Linode account.

Should your domain be registered with an alternative service, you should still be able to follow along and get things set up. The process remains the same, but you’ll be using a different user interface. Zoho include illustrated instructions in the setup process showing how to edit DNS in Godaddy, 1 & 1, Enom, Euro DNS, WordPress, cPanel, Bluehost, Open SRS / Squarespace / Shopify, Network Solutions,,, Yahoo, Wix, plus a generic set of instructions.


  1. Register Your Domain Name
  2. Select Your DNS Manager
  3. Verify Your Domain Name
  4. Configure Zoho to Use Your Domain Name
  5. Add an SPF Record
  6. Add a DKIM Record
  7. Complete the Configuration Process
  8. Forward Email to Another Account
  9. Send Email from Gmail Using Your Domain Email


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