How to Add a Signature to Your Emails

There are various services that allow you to easily add a signature to all the emails you send. While these aren’t too expensive, it’s very easy to add a signature for free.

If your domain email is set up with Zoho, as described in this article on getting 5 free domain email addresses, you can create a signature for each address in Zoho. Their signature editor allows you to upload images that you can use in your signature designs.

If you use Gmail or Outlook Live for your emails, the following steps will show you how to add a signature, that you first design in Google Docs. These instructions may also work with other webmail services and you may possibly also be able to use another text editor to design your signature.

Open a blank Google Doc and create your signature. You can use a table to help structure it and when finished, you can turn all the borders to white so they’re not visible.

You now want to select your footer, so that all the content is highlighted, as shown, and then copy the selection. On Windows use the Ctrl and keys and on Mac use the Cmd and C keys.


In your Gmail account, click the gear icon and select Settings from the drop down menu. In the General tab, scroll down to the Signature section and turn the signature on. If you have multiple email addresses attached to your account, select the address you want to add the signature to. Then just paste into the signature box, scroll down the page and click the Save Changes button. When you next compose an email, you should see your new signature included.


With Outlook Live, you can use the same approach. You can also create your signature in your Outlook account using the signature editor. Choose the option that’s easiest for you.

Click the gear icon and click View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the column. Next click Compose and reply in the left hand list and now either paste your footer into the editor or create your footer from scratch. The editor lets you upload images directly. Remember to click the Save button when you’re finished.


This approach may also work if you use a desktop app, like Mail on Windows. In some cases though, a desktop app may attach any images used in the signature to every email you send. If you find your footer images are being included as attachments, you need to tweak this method slightly.

Again, create your signature in a blank Google Doc, but don’t upload any images to the doc. Instead, upload them to your WordPress website. Then after uploading each image you need to use, get the URL of the uploaded image. Now when you add an image into the signature file in Google Docs, use the By URL option and enter the image URL you copied from your site. When the signature is complete, you should be able to paste it into your email app and the images now shouldn’t be attached to every email. If you use this approach, be sure not to delete the images from your WordPress site or you will break your signature.