Amy Porterfield

The focus here is on building online courses, but also the marketing strategies to effectively sell them. You’ll find some inspirational free training materials on the site, plus Amy’s selection of favorite tools, broken down to match the stage any entrepreneur is at.

For the crazy value though, the podcast link will take you to hundreds of free to listen episodes. You’ll find all sorts of information to help grow your business. To make things a little easier for you, checkout the collections that group the podcasts depending on what you want to learn

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André Chaperon

Andre Chaperon is a bit of a breath of fresh air when it comes to marketing, happy to share ideas that deviate from the mainstream. The more points of view you consider, the better chance you have of building a marketing system that’s the best fit for you and your prospects.

Make your first port of call That free training is a really valuable and powerful introduction to email marketing. I personally think you should consider it essential reading.

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Chris Guillebeau

Chris is the author behind The $100 Startup and Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days which seem ideal further reading for any reader of Shoestring Hustle.

For free though, head over to his site Side Hustle School and checkout his daily podcast. That should keep you busy for a while.

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Darren Rowse

With his blogging career stretching back to 2002, there are probably few as experienced in the blogging field.

If running your own blog as a business is your calling, ProBlogger is a great starting point. The blog is overflowing with content and the podcast will keep you binge listening for an age. Also, don’t miss the free start a blog course.

Digital Marketer

While Ryan Deiss is the most recognizable name and face, Digital Marketer is more than just one man. Considering the wealth of content that’s freely available, with a huge blog and two podcasts, he’d be a very busy bunny if he was on his own.

Don’t miss the Get Started link in the header navigation. That will take you through some digital marketing basics as well as give you the chance to register for a free Digital Marketer account. That will give you access to even more free content to help you get to grips with marketing your business.

Ezra Firestone

If you’re concentrating on ecommerce, Ezra Firestone’s Smart Marketer should be worth checking out. The blog has some fascinating content and it’s coming from the trenches as Ezra and guests share what’s working in their businesses.

Also check out the Interviews page for his guest appearances on other podcasts.

James Wedmore

In his own words, in launching Mind Your Business, he created “a Totally WOO-WOO Podcast!” The focus of the podcast is the entrepreneur’s mindset which led onto his Business By Design training course.

As well as the podcast, you’ll find a selection of blog posts and free training materials to keep you occupied.

Jeff Walker

I gave a silly brief overview of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula or PLF in the sales funnels section. This is ideally suited to higher ticket items and can take a lot of work. Of course Jeff Walker is much better placed to talk you through his technique.

PLF has become so popular, you’ll find many of the other names on this page use it to launch their products. As a result, it’s often in the launch videos that many experts share tips and advice that can completely change your approach to a problem, without even investing in their training.

Jennifer Allwood

Having started with her own handmade business, she now specializes in helping other creatives turn their talents into a business.

As you'll see from her Facebook page, she's got a huge following. You can tap into her knowledge and others by listening to her popular podcast and you can find more free content in her blog.

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John Buchan

Ever wished you could change your life in a positive way through the restorative power of alcohol? If yes, then that’s one reason to follow John Buchan. If no, his approach to cold outreach emails is another.

He discovered the power of quirky and charming emails after mailing while drunk and has now refined it into a no booze required strategy. His approach could make your outreach attempts rather more effective, or at least more fun.

John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas or JLD has a few very successful journal products that you can check out to help your business life become more structured. He also runs the Podcasters’ Paradise membership.

For free though, you can access his Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast in which he talks to a wide range of entrepreneurs talking about their business experiences.

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Jon Morrow

This is one of the best known and successful bloggers, but he openly admits to his far share of early failures.

He's written on ProBlogger earlier on but now is at the helm of SmartBlogger where you can access a mix of great information in the blog and his podcast.

Julie Stoian

She can help aspiring entrepreneurs with all aspects of getting an online business up and running, including creating ads, writing copy, marketing and sales funnels.

You'll find some useful free content on her site, including her podcast. She also runs a large and active Facebook group at which may be worth checking out if you're looking for ideas and support from others at different stages of their online business journey.

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Michael Senoff

On his Hard to Find Seminars site you’ll find links to a shed load of interviews and presentations you can listen to for free. These are generally a few years old, but that doesn’t diminish the value they contain.

I recommend you subscribe to his emails, partly because you’ll get the heads up when any of the many products on the site are part of a promotion, but also because they’ll be a lesson in themselves in how to write engaging emails.

Navid Moazzez

His area of expertise is virtual online summits. These are events held over several days with various thought leaders from an industry sharing knowledge in pre-recorded video presentations.

There’s a diverse collection of articles/videos in the blog, but if virtual summits are your interest, is probably where you should head first. At 16,000 words, it’s a little meatier than the average blog post.

Neil Patel

His free SEO tool, Ubersuggest, is now very much at the heart of his personal site, but he’s still sharing loads of other free content, manly videos, through the blog. You can use the dropdown to filter the content by type, which will be helpful because of the volume.

His content is a mix of SEO and marketing, but despite his own success, he’s always very conscious that many are building businesses on a budget and will often highlight free and low cost tools where available.

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Pat Flynn

With over 60 million downloads of his podcast, I think we can probably say Pat Flynn’s a bit of a big deal in podcasting. He should probably be the first port of call for anyone thinking about leveraging a podcast in their business.

While you’ll find comprehensive information specifically on podcasting on the SPI site, it’s expanded beyond that and there’s likely relevant content for anyone getting started in an online business.

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Pete Vargas

As I live in Spain and speak rudimentary Spanish, public speaking isn’t high on my list of goals, but Pete Vargas can help entrepreneurs leverage the power of speaking on the stage to grow their business.

Along with the site’s blog content, you’ll also want to check out the Inside the Greenroom podcast where you can hear from well known entrepreneurs talking about their experiences of events and public speaking.

Primal Video

Two brothers, Justin and Mike Brown, are the engine behind this site that’s full of useful information to help entrepreneurs create effective videos for their businesses. Part of Justin’s background was creating launch videos for entrepreneurs, so he clearly understands the importance of video to business owners.

The site has a useful software and equipment page, plus, unsurprisingly, loads of videos from their YouTube channel covering all aspects of video creation.

Rachel Miller

Rachel’s superpower is building engaged and valuable Facebook audiences with minimum spend.

The blog on her site has a mix of content, but it may be easy to miss her YouTube channel at which has a ton of video content for you to binge on.

Social media
Ray Edwards

If there’s just one skill you should learn to help grow your business, even speaking as a graphic designer, I’d find it hard to argue that copywriting shouldn’t be it. Even if you’re creating video, you still need the words.

Ray Edwards is marketer and copywriter with a mission to help other business owners master copy. The podcast should keep you busy with over 430 episodes currently. At the bottom of most pages on the site is a grid of topics you may want help on that will shortcut you to specific episodes on that subject.

Russell Brunson

Russel Brunson’s knowledge of sales funnels comes from selling his own products online. He’s perhaps best known for ClickFunnels, a tool for building hosted funnels, but has also written a number of books that offer a fantastic education for anyone looking to sell online.

On his site, you’ll find his podcast all about marketing and links to his books. You can also find more of his content on the YouTube Funnel Hacker TV channel at

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Screw The Nine To Five

Next up are the Brangelina (pre-breakup) of online business experts. Jill and Josh Stanton built a portfolio of online sites that allowed them to live their life on their terms. That led to their Screw The Nine To Five website to help others make the same changes in their lives.

There’s a selection of free business and marketing guides, a blog and popular podcast waiting for you on their site. If you really want to bring change to your life, check out their about page. I’m sure you’ll find it inspirational seeing how small initial steps can lead to exponential growth and true freedom.

Online business
Stu Mclaren

His podcast covers all aspects of entrepreneurship, but his true passion is memberships. Sites that can bring you predictable recurring revenue, month after month. If that idea appeals to you, you can get his free guide at

The Tribe course only runs once a year, but even if you can’t afford the course yet, if you’re considering a membership site, make sure to follow the free launch training as that will give you your share of wow moments.

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