Create Beautiful, Converting Landing Pages for Free

Create Beautiful, Converting Landing Pages for Free

If you’ve got a WordPress blog or website, you can create high converting landing pages for free.

Landing pages have been a part of the web for many years. However, some now believe that they’re poised to replace the traditional ecommerce website.

If you’re not using landing pages as part of your marketing and sales strategy, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about this phenomenon. Whatever your business type, you need to be integrating this tactic into your plans.

By the end of this article, you’ll know the most important aspects of landing pages as a business tool. More importantly, you’ll know how you can start taking advantage of the power of landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

The phrase landing pages has a few meanings. In Google Analytics, it’s the first page a visitor arrives on. In digital marketing, it more commonly refers to pages designed to get users to take a very specific action.

Targeted traffic can be driven to these pages which are highly optimized for conversions. The actual conversion type may vary from page to page. The end goal could be to get a visitor to opt-in to an email list or it could be to achieve a sale. There may be many other conversion goals that a landing page could be designed to achieve.

Website Pages and Landing Pages, What’s the Difference?

While landing pages will usually be part of the same domain as a website, they don’t form a part of the website. In fact, you could use landing pages without having a website, though you would need a web platform. By that I mean you could use WordPress to create stand alone landing pages without building a traditional website with home page and other pages.

Because landing pages are designed to achieve one specific conversion goal, they should contain no content that may reduce conversions. So while a website page will contain various navigation links, a landing page should only contain links necessary to drive conversions. For example, a link to a checkout page.

Whereas we want visitors to spend time moving through our website, our goal is to keep them on a landing page.

Why Should You Use Landing Pages?

Did I mention they’re designed to drive conversions?

Thought I might have, but seriously, they will work harder for you than your website. You can design each one to appeal to a specific niche audience and drive different audiences to different pages. In an ecommerce store or third party sales platform, you can’t do that. You can only sell in the same way to every visitor.

With landing pages, you can style them to appeal to different users. You can highlight information that will be of particular interest to different users. If appropriate, you can even tweak your voice to better connect with different users.

Some things you can use landing pages for are:

  • Get opt-ins to your email list
  • Sell products or services
  • Survey your audience
  • Promote webinars
  • Display fun quizzes for social sharing

Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to those. If you have an action that you want your audience to take, you need a landing page. They are one of the most powerful tools available to help drive your audience to take that action.

How Can You Start Using Landing Pages?

If you’ve already got a WordPress website, you just need to install a free plugin. The plugin is called Elementor and it’s a super easy to use page builder. There is even a range of plugins available that add more features.

If you don’t have a WordPress website, perhaps this is the time to take the step. Remember, you don’t have to use your WordPress as a website. It can just be a platform you use to build a range of standalone landing pages.

You can get great WordPress hosting from Siteground on super fast SSD servers in a data center of your choice. At the time of writing, it’s just $3.95 per month which really makes landing pages affordable for everyone.

Get Landing Page Training

If landing pages are a new idea to you, you may want to consider training to help you get the most from them. I’ll soon be releasing the Shoestring Power Pages class.

First, it will take you through the most essential theory behind successful landing pages. Then it’ll show you how to build your own great looking and high converting landing pages.

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