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What can mautic do?

  • Broadcast emails, e.g. newsletters
  • Build landing pages
  • Drag and drop email and page editor
  • Store unlimited contacts
  • Tag contacts
  • Contacts points scoring system to identify the most and least engaged contacts
  • Set automated events triggered by contacts passing points thresholds
  • Send SMS text messages (low cost via Twilio)
  • Create gated videos to embed on landing pages and in WordPress
  • User management with fine grained roles system
  • Add custom fields to store the contacts' data you need
  • Upload themes for pages, forms and emails
  • Automated email sequences with a visual campaign builder
  • Create unlimited segments and add contacts to multiple segments
  • Set up sequential stages to track your users' journeys
  • Send web push notifications (unlimited free notifications via OneSignal)
  • Social monitoring (track Twitter @mentions and #hashtags)
  • Allow contacts to manage their preferences
  • Focus Items to embed forms on other sites in popups and header/footer bars
  • Subscribe contacts with social media sign in
  • Use the pre-configured reports or create your own
  • Plugins to integrate with other services

Is there something missing from this list that you require? Just ask a question and I’ll try to let you know whether it will be possible with Mautic.

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Shoestring VPS

You will need a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to install Mautic on. Learn how to get, configure and manage a VPS for $5p/m

  • Configure a Linux webserver
  • Install a free SSL certificate
  • Auto-renew your SSL certificate

Includes automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installer and renewer tool for 2 domains

install mautic

Covers installing and setting up Mautic. Plus configuring the necessary server settings for Mautic to run correctly

  • Install mautic
  • Configure Sparkpost email
  • Run required Cron Jobs

Includes automatic tool to upload Mautic and configure all required Cron Jobs

Mautic: Get started

Introduction to the main features and tools in Mautic. Learn how to use the tools and get started with your first pages and campaigns

  • 30+ modules
  • Configure automations
  • Manage your list

how long will your money last?

If you have a list of 2,501 to 5,000 contacts, your first month with Infusionsoft will cost $1,298 (including the KickStart fee). The same amount of money would pay for the same list on ConvertKit for almost 17 months and ActiveCampaign for almost 30 months. It would pay for Mautic for almost 260 months or, put another way, more than 21 1/2 years.*


*Based on Mautic being hosted on a Linode 1GB VPS costing $5p/m, connected to Sparkpost and sending no more than 100,000 emails p/m. All calculations based on costs at time of publication.

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Discover Mautic

The videos below cover a range of scenarios that affect list owners and that Mautic can help with. If you prefer to read, our article on What is Mautic and What Can It Do includes a list of the main features available. Either way, we recommend you view the Is Mautic Right For You video below.

Do you want to use marketing automation in your business, but all the popular options seem so expensive?

Do you worry about the cost of contacts on your list?

Do your email service limit the number of emails you send, so you have to plan your sends around the limits of your account?

Have you heard web push notifications mean the end of email marketing and now you don't know how to implement this new technology?

Want to monitor Twitter looking for @mentions and #hashtags and then add those tweeters to your list for twitter campaigns?

Do you have an audience segment that doesn't engage well by email?

Are you using video to directly capture emails for your list?

Do you worry about losing subscribers during launches because you're sending more emails than normal?

Do you rely on third party web platforms to host your content and don't your own website where you can build landing pages?

Need to share access to your email marketing system with a new va?

Not sure how to identify your most engaged contacts or, more importantly, the unengaged contacts you're in danger of losing?

Want to let new contacts subscribe using their social media sign in?

Do you need to store really specific types of data about your contacts?

Ever had a great idea for a killer new feature for your marketing atomation software?

Is Mautic Right For You?

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