This is how you’re going to start your online business with next to no money

I’m sharing 19 years of lessons learned from working online armed with just a stubborn streak and a fistful of dimes

It’s said you need to spend 10,000 hours on something to become an expert in it. I’ve dedicated 35,828 hours to the internet. Actually the true figure is higher, but I’m pretending I don’t get drawn into it at weekends and during holidays like some sad geek who struggles with social etiquette and roll-on deodorant.

From all this time, I’ve discovered just about every little secret there is to be found about running an online business. I’ve learned just what tools a new business owner needs and then found ways to get similar tools for free or, in a few odd cases when I failed in my hunt, for the lowest possible prices.

That’s what Shoestring Hustle is all about. It’s my place to share all these nuggets with anyone who’s interested. You, perhaps?

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